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In Liverpool, our panel solicitors can assist with the following areas of personal injury compensation claims:

    1. Cycling Accident Injury Claims
    2. Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims
    3. Pedestrian Accident Injury Claims
    4. Work Accident Injury Claims
    5. Shopping Centre Accident Injury Claims
    6. Public Path Accident Injury Claims
    7. Public or Private Car Park Injury Claims
    8. Supermarket Accident Injury Claims
    9. Bus Passenger Accident Injury Claims
    10. Taxi Accident Injury Claims
    11. Dog Attack Injury Claims
    12. Warehouse Accident Injury Claims
    13. Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims
    14. Medical Negligence Claims

Personal injury compensation claims awards vary in the amount you may receive. It is important to note that the severity of the injuries, along with other factors, contributes to the value of the claim.

It is also, important to note that personal injury claims tariffs in England and Wales are guided by the Judicial College Guidelines, which provide standardised compensation amounts for various types of injuries.

These guidelines are used by Courts and Solicitors to determine appropriate settlement amounts based on the severity and nature of the injury. The guidelines are regularly updated to reflect changes in case law and inflation.

It is crucial to inform our Solicitor of your entire situation so that we can better advise you and help you ask the right questions in your initial consultation. Please do read the following before your consultation, to get a general scheme of how the value of your claim could form to be based on your individual circumstances.

Key Aspects of Personal Injury Tariffs:

1. General Damages:
    • Minor Injuries: These include minor soft tissue injuries, with compensation ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.
    • Moderate Injuries: These cover injuries that might have a more significant impact but are still expected to heal over time, such as moderate whiplash or fractures. Compensation ranges from around £3,000 to £25,000.
    • Severe Injuries: These include serious fractures, significant psychological damage, and other long-term or permanent injuries. Compensation can range from £25,000 to over £100,000.

2. Specific Injuries:
    • Head Injuries: Minor to severe brain damage, with awards ranging from £2,000 for minor injuries to over £300,000 for severe brain damage.
    • Neck Injuries: Minor soft tissue damage may attract awards from £2,000, while severe cases involving permanent damage can exceed £100,000.
    • Back Injuries: Minor injuries might see compensation from £2,000, moderate injuries up to £34,000, and severe cases reaching upwards of £150,000.
    • Psychiatric Damage: Cases of psychiatric damage, such as PTSD, can attract compensation ranging from £4,000 to £95,000 depending on the severity and impact on life.

3. Special Damages:

 These include compensation for financial losses and expenses incurred as a result of the injury, such as medical expenses, lost earnings, and future care costs.

Notable Points:

    • Whiplash Reforms: As of May 2021, the Whiplash Reform Programme introduced new fixed tariffs for whiplash injuries lasting up to two years, significantly reducing compensation amounts and simplifying the claims process.
    • Proportionality and Individual Circumstances: Each case is assessed on its individual merits, taking into account the specifics of the injury, the impact on you, the Claimant's life, and any relevant case law.

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