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What should I be aware of after an injury due to an accident at work?

If you have been injured due to an accident at work, there are various aspects to consider in making sure a fair complaint is logged, and processes are followed in order to ascertain the circumstances, make plans to avoid these in the future, and in the event of expand on provide a guideline for the injured party to better understand the process.

Below is our updated comprehensive guide:

Immediate Response

Ensure you obtain immediate medical attention, and If you are unable to, your colleagues should secure the accident scene to prevent further incidents.

Report the Incident

Notify your supervisor or manager immediately, or in the event you are not instructed a colleague.  At all times, try to follow your company’s established reporting procedures.


If you can, record details of the accident, including date, time, location, and witnesses.  Where possible document injuries sustained and property damage, if any.


Your employer or safety officer will conduct an investigation to determine the root cause.  You should co-operate fully and provide accurate information during the investigation, obtain and retain any documents, and with permission, obtain a recording of all conversations if available.

Legal Obligations

Know your rights and responsibilities regarding worker’s compensation and workplace safety laws in your workplace.

Workers Compensation

Seek legal advice from RU1NJURED for more information on an injury compensation claim to seek coverage of medical expenses and lost wages.  Follow the prescribed process for filing an injury claim with our panel Solicitors under Legal Consultation.

Return to Work

Follow medical advice for recovery and return to work when medically cleared, be sure to discuss any necessary workplace accommodations with your employer.


Collaborate with your employer to identify and address hazards to prevent future accidents.  Stay informed about safety protocols and procedures.

Legal Consultation

If the accident involved negligence or third-party liability, consider consulting the panel Solicitors at RU1NJURED for free, no-obligation advice and assistance.

Support and Rehabilitation

Seek emotional support if needed, such as counselling or therapy, visit your GP, and report any symptoms.  Participate in rehabilitation programs if prescribed by our panel Solicitors and medical professionals.

Remember that each accident at work is unique, and the specific steps may vary based on the circumstances and your location’s regulations.  Always prioritise safety and follow your company’s policies and procedures.