About Us Ru1njured

About Us

Now that you are here, let us just get the simple out of the way about who we are, and what we can do for you.

RU1NJURED Limited is a claims marketing company, solely operating as an information point for members of the public, to obtain free access to personal injury claims advice and support.

Our services cater for members of the public in England and Wales, who have been injured, due to the negligence, or malicious activity, or fault of another person, business, organisation or governing body.

Our aim is to direct your enquiry to no-nonsense Grade A Solicitors who can advise you and openly discuss your accident circumstances, along with the services our panel Solicitors can offer without any obligation to sign up with them.

We simply put your enquiry in to the right hands, to get the best, well informed and free advice, thereafter you decide, whether you wish to work with our panel Solicitors, under a No Win No Fee arrangement.