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Why Choose RU1NJURED?

At RU1NJURED, we understand that accidents can happen anywhere, and it can be challenging to pursue personal injury compensation.  That is why we provide a single house panel Solicitor, giving you direct access to a Grade A Solicitor at all times.

Should I make an accident claim?

The questions you can start asking yourself are, does it hurt, was it somebody else’s fault, then YES, the key thing to remember is that if you suffered it was not your fault.

It may have been down to the fault or negligence of another party. In addition to the injury, you may have or need time off work to fully recover properly, often leading to financial difficulties and lost income, with the overwhelming tension of losing your job altogether, we can help.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, it is important to be rewarded with the compensation you deserve to help get your life back on track.

So, who's fault would it be?

Maybe you were a passenger in a bus or a car, or maybe you were just a pedestrian or a cyclist. Perhaps you were at work, or maybe at the local shops, market, or superstore. Simply put, it certainly wasn’t your fault.

Our services cater to members of the public in England and Wales who have been injured due to the negligence, malicious activity, or fault of another person, business, organisation, or governing body.

What could I recover?

In addition to an injury claim, you may have also lost your earnings or, in certain cases, your earnings potential. Additionally, your medical care may have incurred costs, such as transport to appointments, childcare, and prescriptions.

Ask yourself, did the accident cause these expenses?  If yes, then you may be entitled to other losses that our panel Grade A Solicitor can discuss with you.

Truth is Solicitors are just people…

Our Grade A Panel Solicitors are people frustrated and delighted by the same things as you. The perception that Solicitors are distant and difficult only prevents the most vulnerable people from seeking help. This injustice is why our free service directs your inquiry to our friendly panel of Solicitors.

Of course, not all Solicitors respect a person’s individuality, but let’s be fair, caseloads get so big, and the whole scene becomes a conveyor, zero personalization, and in the worst times things can be missed, so personal service is important. 

Our service will always lead you directly to a Grade A Solicitor, who will deal with you based on your individual needs.

What to look for in good Solicitors

We guess in everyone’s life a little rain must fall, and sometimes that rain falls in the form of legal challenges and obligations that can tax you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whatever legal need you may have, there is a set of circumstances that you probably were not prepared to handle.

For these issues, you may feel like you need the services of a Grade A legal professional, but then the possibility of getting taken advantage of by the legal community is always hovering over your expectations.

If this is the case, then it may be time to seek the aid of our panel Solicitors who keep costs, individuality, and peace of mind at the forefront of their services.

Legal Expertise

A diverse and extensive base of legal knowledge is what most people generally look for when it comes to the Solicitors that they seek. Most quality Solicitors will have a healthy knowledge of the law.

Ongoing legal training and experience require one to become familiar with multiple aspects of courtroom action. Our panel Solicitors have extensive knowledge of torts (or damages) as well as how to determine negligence, liabilities, and proper defences. 

Without the experience and knowledge, you could be in for a long and arduous waste of money.

Legal Focus

In addition to legal expertise, a solicitor must also have a streamlined focus on his/her area of practice. You have heard it said that those who are “jacks of all trades” are “masters of none.” There will come a time in a legal pro’s life when he/she must hone in on the areas of law that are of the most importance to him/her.

It is virtually impossible to receive an expert understanding of the law when you are constantly jumping back and forth from one category to the next. That’s why it is far better to go with a less experienced solicitor if that solicitor has more experience than a veteran in the area of your needs.

Communicative Legal Partners

There will be a lot that you do not understand about the legal process. It can become a highly stressful ordeal when you are uncertain if you are “winning” or “losing.” For a quality Grade A Solicitor, seek out those who can communicate freely and openly about how the case is developing. If there are any obligations upon you, it is important to know that our panel Solicitors will make them well-known and understood.

So, if you have suffered an injury call RU1NJURED on 0800 945 18 27, or fill in our inquiry form today. Choose RU1NJURED now!