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We are an accident compensation claims marketing company who puts our customers directly in touch with a Solicitor, for free no obligation advice on matters relating to injury claims.

This firm is awesome, as I was a passenger in a taxi when my driver collided with another vehicle. I was left with little or no information, being my first time I didn't even think to obtain them. I contacted RU1NJURED after I had spoke with other firms and felt doors were closing and down spoken to as I had no other details other than the accident date and my location and vaguely remembered taxi firm. I spoke with Z, he took the very short information, really picked me up and I signed up. In the space of 3 weeks he had obtained the details required via various searches and submitted my claim through the Solicitors who then went on to settling my claim 11 months later. I cannot fault them for anything the communication, progress and professional work was well beyond my expectations, in particular when friends told me of their experiences. I am ever so grateful to Z and the Solicitors.

My accident had an uninsured driver involved, I spoke to a few companies before using RU1NJURED. I used this company as they were very simple in their explanation of things and remained with them as I always felt in touch with them when I felt anxious of an update or otherwise. Z was always available by text which I found very helpful along with the entire process that was explained upfront. My difficult claim was settled to a very handsome sum. I am ever grateful to Z and the principal of the Solicitors firm, who equally provided deep insight into my personal injury claim and clear legal advice.

As you may appreciate I had many questions and I repeatedly asked them, but never through the entirety of my claim did I not get a satisfactory response. I was never made to feel RU1NJURED were not approachable, I was given a number and Zed was always there to respond. These people would respond even on a Sunday to my query I am truly grateful for their service and dedication to my claim. What's more is the head Solicitor was always available to answer queries that Zed could not, I am happy to recommend this firm, my compensation pay out was more than I could have ever expected and my experience was truly beyond expectation.

I had an accident at work, I felt really worried that I may lose my job and was stressed from the beginning. I was rest assured by the Solicitor I spoke with that this would not be case and even in the event of, they would support me in recovering all my loss of earnings. They kept to their word, not only did I keep my job, but was fully compensated for my time off, Z was always available and the principal Solicitor provided precise advice throughout my long claim, the same person attended my home after-hours as my father wished to be present, which I thought was particularly impressive considering the Solicitor drove almost 200 miles to our home. I am truly grateful to this firm and never would have thought of receiving such a huge sum in compensation. I would recommend this firm to absolutely anyone of any age in any location in the UK.

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If you have suffered injury or loss due to the negligence of another person, at work, in a motor vehicle, as a pedestrian, or a cyclist, when contact us we will help you.

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